Nature of the mind
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Hypnagogia Empty Hypnagogia

Thu Dec 23, 2021 11:48 pm
So I've added to my practices recently trying to pay attention to hypnagogia as I first drift off to sleep, during any subsequent time when I awaken during the night, and during the those rare precious mornings when I can sleep in a little and dip in and out of sleep. It's a very interesting mental state to me for several reasons:

  • it's very easy to get to, especially when first falling asleep or napping, all you have to do is pay attention so you don't just breeze right past it into sleep
  • since it's in between and a mix of wakefulness and sleeping, it provides some very unique experiences of mind where the ego slips away enough to let the unconscious manifest unfiltered into colorful vision, sound, and sensation, but you can also retain just enough presence to know it as just an experience and that you're still actually laying in your bed
  • it can be used as a bridge into falling asleep consciously for either clear light sleep or lucid dreaming

The blended mode of consciousness, the speed of it, and the mental habits and structures it reveals are remarkable. If you want it can give you tons of practice keeping focused and aware. At one point I was in awe of a vision I was having of some guy poking his head out from behind a partially open door and turning towards me, when suddenly my daughter walked over asking for help with something. As I'm helping her, I realize, wait, I never woke up and got out of bed.

For me, awareness of my (night) dreaming mind is a huge support for seeing "vision as mind" during the day. With hypnagogia I see all my mind's unconscious associations play out completely unfettered as it creates all kinds of worlds of vision. And I see myself often automatically responding to these wild visions even when just a moment ago I reminded myself this is all dream. With lucid dreams I can really play and interact with something that feels so real and drive home the knowledge that dreams can feel as real as waking life, or waking life can feel as unreal as dream. With non-lucid dreams, when I awake from them, I can remember how wrapped up in the dream story I felt, how hard I was working to solve problems that didn't even exist, how strong my emotions were over a situation that wasn't happening anywhere except in my own mind.

Personally, I think both waking life and dreams are important and deserve attention, care and respect. In both cases they are to varying degrees a manifestation of yourself, and what you do in them has an effect on you, and directly or indirectly on the world you are part of. But I think the awareness we bring to it is very important.

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Hypnagogia Empty Re: Hypnagogia

Fri Dec 24, 2021 1:03 pm
you are opening a very important topic. What you say matchs exactly what I'm thinking and experimenting. To me it's very easy to be in an hypnagogia state. It happends constantly. In this state the free association often don't have any sense, when I look at I find them very umoristic.
Even during meditation, when the vision dissolves, the experience is the same.

The result is that both dreams and vision are illusion.
Illusion means that they are impermanet and subjective.

As Shakespeare says in Romeo and Juliet: we are made of the same substance of the dreams
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Hypnagogia Empty Re: Hypnagogia

Fri Dec 24, 2021 3:40 pm
Yes Bob and Fabio - this is very interesting - and will generate lots of discussion.

Many associations - about the "unconscious" mind - related to fear.

In my work with patients with dental anxiety and phobia, I worked a lot with hypnosis.

Big love to you all.


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Hypnagogia Empty Re: Hypnagogia

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