Nature of the mind
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starting off on the right foot Empty starting off on the right foot

Thu Feb 10, 2022 3:22 pm
If it is at all possible in your life situation, I can not recommend it highly enough, do not just jump out of bed upon waking, nor immediately begin planning your day.
For me, it is so much easier to take that half step back from my life, stories, problems, thoughts, imaginings, etc. while I'm still laying there in my bed. It's all arising and I haven't fused with it yet. I'm not lost in it yet. It's so much easier to step back from it and see through it to the spaciousness. I try to spend as much time there as my life allows. With family and job sometimes it's only a few minutes, but I make sure to use those minutes well. Rinpoche often mentions building familiarity with the spaciousness, with the state of no-problem. This is one of my ways.

When I do this well, I have a much easier time carrying at least some part of that into my day. My imaginings can even be quite vivid at times laying there, and having the familiarity of being a half-step away from them is an experience I can call up during my waking life to help me do the same.
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